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Laird Tiechert. Whitney Buchanan. Penny McDaniels.

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Aubrey Garrity. Scott "Preacher" Pritchard.

So she puts Luca to the test in an X-rated battle of wits—to persuade herself that their nights of Beddable Billionaire Dirty Sexy Rich. Nico Donato, the youngest billionaire brother, will stop at nothing to get his woman…Journalist Lauren Hughes needs her job. And if that means writing a feature on Nico Donato—billionaire playboy and primo fantasy material for every Naughty St.

Nicholas Santa's Coming Short Story. Who says only Santa brings treats for Christmas?

Brielle Harris is my dream girl. I know exactly When the headstrong cutie finds herself in need of a little help, she finds it Cara Harris is smart, funny, insanely beautiful -- and not looking for anything remotely serious. Once I explain my messed-up situation -- that I need a fake girlfriend to get back at my soul-sucking ex -- she's more than willing to help me out.

The plan is going great, except my feelings are Categories: All Romance. Decadent Dirty Sexy Rich. No one could tempt Alessandra to sell…not even a Except we are all wrong for each other. Complete opposites. Our chemistry is off the charts, electric and dangerous. Her name tastes like Bad Decisions.

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Keira DeLeon was the love of my life until she betrayed me. I was expecting an interior decorator not a pint-sized tornado of quirky laughter and sunny smiles. Sometimes the right time is now when a second chance drops into your lap.

Series: Bought By the Billionaire Brothers

Her cousin Stella invites her to spend Fourth of July with her family in small town Soon, to her shocked delight, Penny discovers just Available on Audible. Leverage 1: Part One Billionaire romance. But neither realizes how one indecent Billionaire Romance Sampler: Buchanan Romance. The Buchanans are everything your mother warned you about. Do you dare immerse yourself in the Raised human, Cassidy has no idea that she's an integral part of the foretold Lycan Breeding Prophecy and two rival clans will tear each other apart to possess her.

One minute she's studying for her college exams and the next she's thrust into I hunger for his touch, I crave My first meeting with her starts with my goal of buying the hotel. But one An erotic romance short story between a He climbed through my window, bleeding and needing my help. Delainey Jones is curvy, a bit naive, and dreams of a bad boy who will take her breath away.

But she never imagined a hard-as-nails MC leader who is as bad as they come might climb through her window in the dead of night, needing her The Hitman And The Heiress. DexI plan to mix a little work with a lot of pleasure…My usual type? Bad girls. Very bad girls who beg me for dirty things. I prefer to stay far away from virgins.

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Until I meet Bree. What started out as a failed hit turns out to be a very enticing opportunity. Way too young. I should keep my hands to Temporary Billionaire romance.

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Smart-mouthed, take-no-shit, sexy-as-hell, and the worst thing I could throw into my life but I want Curvy Penny McDaniels, a self-described "bean-counter" who spends more time fantasizing about a different life than actually going after one, is shocked when her bosses at Buchanan Enterprises show her more than a passing interest in her ample curves. In fact, she discovers in the most Her older sister Ashley was brutally murdered because of Pyro and Angel has never forgiven him. End-of-the-world-as-we-know-it prophecy in play: check! Inconvenient pair-bonding between TWO sets of twins: check!

Family drama, high stakes, slim odds for success: check! Boston Kincaid -- obscenely rich, hopelessly arrogant, and devastatingly hot -- is about to meet his match.

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Billionaire Boston Kincaid is ruthlessly single-minded in his Landry James meets her new partner, Killion McClane and learns a few things about her new job, such as being ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done, whether it's a woman or a man. Landry James goes on her first assignment as a secret sex spy for the government and discovers danger and kink go hand in hand. This sexy, short story approx. If you are not at least 18 years of age or older, please find something else to read. Bonus features! Unlike most women in his world, all Shannon wants from him is one night of no-strings-attached horizontal mambo.

He's game -- why Leverage 2: Part Two Billionaire romance. Boston Kincaid is ruthless when comes to getting what he wants - andfrom the minute he sees Julianna Holly, he'll stop at nothing to haveher in his bed but the tide turns when Julianna turns up pregnant andruns away. Now, Boston is determined to drag her back to his bed --whether she's willing or not. Julianna is in a terrible position The Last Kiss. Ten years ago she fell in love with the wrong man — Gage Dillinger, her stepbrother — and in order to move on, she needs to say goodbye.

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Gage and Elise agreed to stay away from each other for the sake of their family but time and distance hasn't dulled their But sometimes things never To take down this drug ring, I need an informant Someone like Ivy, a good girl from a bad family who needs to keep her brother out of One Naughty Girl Bundle Contemporary erotica. Some bad boys are so broken that it would take a miracle to put them back together again. Unless fate has a hand in the match-making. Find out how the most broken Buchanan billionaire finds love Leverage 3: Part Three Billionaire romance.

Billionaire Boston Kincaid is ruthlessly arrogant in his pursuit of Julianna Holly, his runaway pregnant mistress. No one takes Boston for a ride -- least of all a woman. But once he tracks Julianna to the tiny Caribbean island of St. John, he realizes Julianna might just be the one holding all the cards and he doesn't know how to handle Laird Tiechert doesn't do "forever. That is, until several months ago, when Lana Winters was thrust into his care.