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So when Langwidere sat in her easy chair and played soft melodies upon her mandolin , her form was mirrored hundreds of times, in walls and ceiling and floor, and whichever way the lady turned her head she could see and admire her own features.

On a table by her side lay a mandolin and an apple. For he never travelled without a case of swords, with which he had fought many brilliant duels, or without a corresponding case for his mandolin , with which he had actually serenaded Miss Ethel Harrogate, the highly conventional daughter of a Yorkshire banker on a holiday.


There was the occasional sound of music, of mandolins , sufficiently removed to be an agreeable accompaniment rather than an interruption to the conversation. Cassie Andrews and Calico Creek -- featuring Andrews on banjo and vocals, Becky Peters on guitar and vocals, Ron Cobb on upright bass, and Danny Robinson on guitar, mandolin and vocals -- opens the show at p.

Southern Illinois Opry Saturday, Feb. Rubens, Michael. The Bad Decisions Playlist. The group's latest album, "Black Sheep," released in , was the first record with Yonder's current lineup after mandolin player Jeff Austin parted ways with the band in : Adam Aijala guitar , Dave Johnston banjo , Ben Kaufmann bass , Allie Kral violin , and Jacob Jolliff mandolin.

If any instrument is synonymous with serenading, it is the Italian mandolin. Harmonies Across the Seas. Avital is deeply committed to building a fresh legacy for the mandolin with several new commissions planned for the coming seasons. Bluegrass is distinguished from the older string-band….

Skaggs was a child prodigy on…. Chordophone, any of a class of musical instruments in which a stretched, vibrating string produces the initial sound. The five basic types are bows, harps, lutes, lyres, and zithers. The name chordophone replaces the term stringed instrument when a precise, acoustically based designation is….

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  • Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz (1644-1704): Serenade à 5 [mit dem Nachtwächterlied].
  • Repertoire for duos, trios, and larger groups with mandolin..
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These only feature one mandolin, so maybe replace the string sections with plucked equivalents. Well, I would love to play either the guitar or the mandolin part in the Serenade but in this particular piece I think you can't really substitute plucked strings for the bowed parts. An intriguing suggestion, though. I will have a look at the LPs and add some more if I have time.

If you like modern music you should try Konietzny, who wrote some very interesting pieces! Some pieces are also very good. I remember Araba - a easy but interesting piece, i must look what was also recorded by the BZO. I hope I coud give you some ideas - greetings from Germany - Michael. Homepage: www. Mandoisland: Thanks, these are very helpful suggestions. After the sonnet, there is a "dance scene," a brief Lied ohne Worte, and a finale that recapitulates material from other movements, especially the march, which returns to close the work.

Yet what are we to make of this event?

The question of how much one piece or composer influences another can never be entirely clear. Asking this question is nonetheless essential to our understanding of the ways in which music affects us, and changes through us.

Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz (): Serenade à 5 [mit dem Nachtwächterlied]-EW

By the s, the guitar was beginning to regain recognition in the classical music world after sinking into relative obscurity during late nineteenth century. So the narrative goes: Segovia was singlehandedly reviving the guitar. Often excluded from these rather egocentric accounts are the other guitar virtuosos of the time, including Miguel Llobet and Louise Walker.

The latter guitarist, an Austrian, points us in the direction of Vienna, where a guitar tradition had been, if not thriving, certainly continuing since the first six-string guitars began to appear around Guitar culture was also quite strong in Germany, where Hermann Hauser I and Richard Jacob were busy refining the local guitar making tradition, and Heinrich Albert was leading the Munich Guitar Quartet.

In the early s, Vienna had been the home of the virtuoso guitarist- composer Mauro Giuliani. Numerous others were working there as well, including Wenzeslaus Matiegka, who published arrangements of works by Mozart and Beethoven, and whose Notturno, opus 26 a trio for flute, viola, and guitar , with the addition of a cello part, had been turned into quartet by another sometime guitarist, Franz Schubert. Segovia's fame highlighted the Spanish heritage of the guitar.

Meanwhile, it is often acknowledged but rarely explicated that Segovia claimed--in a letter to Mexican icon Manuel Ponce--to be commissioning a guitar solo from Arnold Schoenberg. Since 1 Graham Wade. A Concise History of the Guitar. More likely, he would have met Hans Schlagradl during a tour of Austria.


At the end of , during the gestational phase that preceded the composition of the Serenade, Schoenberg along with Anton Webern and Alban Berg founded the Society for Private Musical Performances. The concerts that the group produced were unadvertised and unreported, and applause was prohibited. For the purposes of comprehension and accuracy, pieces were rehearsed exhaustively according to Malcolm Macdonald, sometimes as much fifty hours , and the same work was often performed several times during the course of a season. The bulk of the music performed was contemporary, and ranged widely, including music by Stravinsky, Bartok, and Debussy.

Within the confines of the Society, moreover, contemporary chamber music was reformulated as the exclusive domain of a small group of devoted specialists. New York: Viking Press, Alfred Uhl wrote an article on composing chamber music with guitar that appeared in , following the completion of his own Trio for Violin, Viola, and Guitar; and Viennese Pieces German: weisen for the same ensemble. Ferdinand Rebay, formerly known only for piano reductions of music by Erich Korngold and others, has recently been re- discovered as a prolific composer of chamber music for the guitar.

Serenade, Op.24 (Schoenberg, Arnold)

His Sonata in E minor for Oboe and Guitar received its premiere in at the hands of the Professor Alexander Wunderer to whom the work was dedicated , and Hans Schlagradl, the very same guitarist who played in the premiere of the Serenade. Rebay's music, elegant and skillfully written, is nevertheless highly conservative, evoking the sound of Brahms, Bruckner, and Robert Fuchs well into the s.

He was born in , studied with Jakob Ortner who also taught Louise Walker and was performing in the s and s, sometimes as a member of the Vienna Guitar Quartet. By 4 Stephen Luttmann. Hindemith: A Research and Information Guide. New York: Routledge, Personal correspondence. For the recording, Smith gave a superlative performance that nevertheless--because of the sound of his steel-string archtop guitar--blends perhaps excessively. In the absence of the Viennese classical guitar tradition, Schoenberg might have gone the way of Milton Babbitt, who, intending to include a guitar part in the Composition for Twelve Instruments , purportedly had to settle for the harp instead, failing to find a guitarist capable of playing the part.

He was working simultaneously on two other landmark compositions: the Five Piano Pieces, opus 23, and the Suite for Piano, opus Meanwhile, the Serenade is less acknowledged. Leos 6 Maybe he should have called Johnny Smith! Marshall, Schoenberg was turning away from the expressionistic tone of his previous works, and moving towards a more elegant and controlled sound.