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High Definition Blu-ray p presentation of the feature, transferred from original film elements by MGM Original stereo 2. Other Customers Bought. First Name. Date Of Birth. Email Address. Ask me later Never ask again. However, when pre-production for the film began, Levy had still not completed the novel due to marital difficulties. As a result, the film's writer Holland was forced to write most of the film's screenplay from scratch, with the final product differing significantly from the novel.

Principal photography officially began on February 8, ; in and around Jackson, Mississippi. The entire first week of filming was shot at night outdoors. When filming Bibi Besch 's rape scene, the actress was required to remain undressed in the cold weather for an extended period of time, and Besch was later rushed to the hospital as a result. Filming later concluded on April 10, The film's soundtrack was composed by Les Baxter , who considered it to be one of his finest, in his final feature-length score.

In an interview with Tom Weaver , Baxter stated that he later received a letter from the film's producer Bernhard, praising his score for the film. It was later released on Blu-ray by Scream Factory on December 17, The Beast Within received mostly negative reviews upon its release, with many criticizing the film's acting, "ridiculous" premise, while commending the film's makeup effects.

Vincent Canby from New York Times gave the film a negative review calling it "very foolish", also criticizing the film's acting. If you're looking for just mindless violence and grizzle and gore, this movie is going to feel like it's a big disappointment.

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I can't give it a really strong recommendation, but I also can't dismiss it outright. It's got moments that shine and moments that drag. Genre fans may get a kick out of it, for no other reason than seeing a man's head expand to the size of a watermelon". Ronny Cox and L. Jones are very good here, and Meshach Taylor looks the same here as he does now, almost twenty years later Chuck Bowen from Slant Magazine gave the film 3.

Macek III of PopMatters gave the film a mixed 5 out of 10 stars, writing "As it stands, The Beast Within is an above-average monster movie with good actors and a sometimes comprehensible plot. All of the answers are there on the screen, even if they are buried. On August 7, , it was announced that the film's original writer Tom Holland planned to remake the film, feeling that the original film 'never fully captured what he wrote in the script'.

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Harvey Bernhard Gabriel Katzka. Tom Holland Danilo Bach uncredited. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. April Hal C.

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No idea why it's beast only either It's subpar with the beast restriction, it might almost be god-like without the restriction. I'll keep the restriction. And help you to clear board and gve space for new beast gana summons.. As someone else pointed out Cave Hydra is legit with this.

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Usually I would say this is bad because Hunter has no card draw and can't rely on a combo card that works best with very few specific minions So yeah, maybe not just memes and dreams. Well, they really like to make hunter minions attack lately. Thyat might be pretty fun. For hunters. Help Register Sign In.

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