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Predator's Gold

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Misfit mercenaries must face iron war machines in this action-packed black powder fantasy from internationally bestselling fantasist Scott Lynch. Words: 83, Published: November 23, by Ticonderoga Publications. People have always come to wish at the Silver Well: in Pagan times and Christian, revolution and war. When Rosie arrives in the village of Cerne Abbas with a broken heart, she becomes connected across the centuries with others who have yearned for something. Think about it. The entire mining output of the world by all the miners in all the continents is a little over 2, tons per year.

The producers continue to produce and some new mines get started, but old mines get shut down. There has not been any trend or tendency to big gold discoveries, even at these higher prices, that would make that number go up. The headwinds are the FED raising interest rates, European Central Bank thinking about raising interest rates, and a few other concerns. Real rates are the biggest single headwind, and the strong dollar. A strong dollar means a lower dollar price for gold.

Wait a second — Poland is in the EU. There was an even bigger announcement the other day. Hungary, which is not in Europe, has the Hungarian Forint currency. Why do we have to rationalize it? Why do we have to justify it?

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Maybe I ought to have some gold. In our last call, I talked about how gold has been trading in a very narrow range for months. That was a 2.

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I said that when you see that pattern, a couple of things will occur. Gold did break out to the upside as I expected and told our viewers. I would expect that as the market has these bad days, as the Saudi story continues to unfold, as intellectual property theft becomes more front and center and the U. This is not just analysts or people like me anymore.

It looks like a very bullish picture, and gold will have a good run between now and the end of the year, and maybe even more next year. Alex: I had a thought while you were talking about gold being money, i. Gold is money regardless of the counterparty issuing the money. United States dollars are issued by the United States government, yuan is issued by the Chinese government, and so on.

Even Bitcoin and cryptocurrency rely on a counterparty of source. It relies on a functioning Internet, so if the Internet is gone, the Bitcoin is useless and valueless. What if a country is gone? If the empire falls, guess what? That money is worth nothing, whereas gold will at all times retain its value.

On another topic, Jim, you recently did a lecture on the future of the International Monetary System. Would you name a few key takeaways from that lecture that you thought were important? People read my books, and I get invited to an event. I have a standard presentation I just update.

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What have we learned about the FED? Any personal changes? Any announcements? I had two basic presentations. One was about the International Monetary System, currency wars morphing into trade wars, the role of gold and the future the International Monetary System, etc. I got invited to a lecture with the military and intelligence community for a group of mid-career officers who are on track to be the big brains, the strategic thinkers of the future at the U.

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Army War College. Then, just a few weeks ago, I went down to the Naval base in Norfolk, Virginia, and gave a presentation to one of the Joint Commands. I know what the ranks are, but I was squinting at their uniforms. What are you? A Colonel, a Major, a General? How deferential should I be here? Again, it was a very top-tier group. When the British empire was at its height, the pound sterling was at its height. When the U. You can track the rise and fall of great powers side by side with the rise and fall of their currencies.

We really cannot talk about the future of the dollar and the International Monetary System without discussing U. National Security and the future of the U. The presentation I gave the other day down in North Carolina was for a great group, fairly small, a smaller conference than I often do. It was a local organization that invited speakers in. You got the UNC on one side, Duke on the other side, and all these major universities and research labs.

This is not guesswork and certainly not science fiction. These are not things that are going to happen in ten years. It used to be that the conventional wisdom on the future of the dollar went something like two schools of thought. One was, what are you talking about?

The dollar is the global reserve currency and has been for a long time. It is today, and it always will be. If you know more about it and know more history, you know that any currency is vulnerable. Any currency can be deposed as the global reserve currency. You must look out for that and take steps if you want the strong dollar. What I really mean is the stable dollar; the dollar continuing to have its role as part of global reserves. If you want that, you have to work at it.

That would shock the world, but it would be a pretty smart move on the part of the United States. We have the most gold, so why not make it go up? There are some vulnerabilities here, but where are you going to go? Argentinian pesos, anybody? How about the Euro? Everyone says the Chinese are starting to shoot bonds. The market is not that big and not that liquid. What has changed is, I can get up from this table, walk out of the room, come back in 15 minutes, and start a currency.

I can buy software to start cryptocurrency in about 10 or 15 minutes or less. What counts is how good is the new thing you just created? So, imagine a highly secure, highly encrypted distributed ledger maintained by Russia and China with others allowed to join in.

One of these new coins is worth one SDR. The same thing with Russia. If they all agree that one coin is worth one SDR, you suddenly now have a relatively stable global store value maintained by the IMF.